Info around the order processing
Ahead of time, if something is not right, we try to help immediately. Mistakes happen sometimes ... we get it right! The current delivery status, including all data of an order, is available at any time via the order status page.


  • Delivery / Shipping Costs.
    Shipping costs can be viewed in the Terms. The delivery status via order status.
  • Payment / Invoice.
    Payment options can be viewed in the Terms. An invoice PDF is downloadable via order status.
  • Change request.
    Please report changes (e.g. shipping or email address) via order status message function or via email.
  • Complaint / Complaint.
    Please briefly explain the problem via order status (fastest) or email to clarify the return details.
  • Cancellation / Return.
    A return takes place within the framework of the Return-Conditions.
  • Feedback / Rate.
    About support or feedback, for example via order status page, we are always happy! :)