A night with Rotersand and Frozen Plasma | Two Bands one Show
We are united by our love of electronic music, our friendship and great mutual respect: artistically, humanly and in the mood to reinvent ourselves again and again.

So we have come up with something very special to offer you and ourselves a unique live experience.
On this evening we will dovetail our shows in an unprecedented way and in mutual reinforcement. Duets, mash ups, mutual guest musicians being each other's selected tracks in a joint loooong giant party with you!
A melange of our numerous musical references from 2 decades on stage.

An event like you won't see anywhere else. Neither at single shows nor at festival shows. A happening. A revue. A unique show with many musical surprises and above all: emotions.

A special event. For you. In a special ambience: your KULTTEMPEL!