VNV Nation Announces Construct // Destruct - Live Tour 2025 and Double AlbumVNV Nation Announces Construct // Destruct - Live Tour 2025 and Double Album

VNV Nation Announces "Construct // Destruct - Live Tour 2025" and Double Album

The tour starts Feb 5th, 2025. We'd love you to join us.
Following the phenomenal success of their 2023 album "Electric Sun" which captivated audiences and led to soldout
shows across Europe, VNV Nation is delighted to announce the upcoming "Construct // Destruct Live Tour
2025" in support of a new double-album. The tour commences on February 7th, 2025, and promises to elevate
VNV's signature layered and multi-faceted sound to new heights.
"Construct // Destruct" showcases VNV Nation's evolution, pushing the boundaries of alternative-electronic music
with intricate soundscapes and emotional depth. Fans can expect an immersive experience, blending the
powerful and energetic live performances that VNV is renowned for, with new musical elements.
Joining VNV Nation on this tour is the rising electro artist, Straight Razor. Known for his dark, beat-driven sound,
Straight Razor has been receiving widespread acclaim within the alternative and electronic music scenes. His
dynamic presence is sure to complement VNV's powerful performances, making this tour an unmissable event for
music enthusiasts.
Stay tuned for tour and album information, and prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical journey with VNV
Nation and Straight Razor.
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