How do you reinvent a genre, that has long been forgotten, and modernize it, without copying?
Formalin already did this with their debut album and carried a whole genre into the present
The Berlin-based duo fascinated the younger club-electro generation as well as the oldschool-
fraction and received an enthusiastic response by the press while entering uncharted musical
territories with their own unique blend of industrial, IDM and electro.
Since 2010 ,,Berlin City Industrial" symbolizes the reinvention of a style that was almost
presumed dead and shows how modern and stylish hard electronic music can be.
In terms of production set-up Formalin rely on modern, digital sound processing, as well as on
distinctive analog equipment to create their multi-layered and cinematic soundscapes.
The result is impressive in a sonic, visual and multimedia way. On stage the project unfolds its
full conceptual glory and channels the energy inherent in the songs perfectly.
The mixture of fetish and fashion in combination with the dynamic performance of the band
creates a first class audiovisual experience. Formalin play rocking live shows and performed
alongside acts such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly.
Not at least because of Gabor's perfect synthesizer solos and the charismatic voice of
frontman Tominous they have a firm grip on their audience.

Line up:
Tominous: Vocals
Gabor: Music, Synthesizer

"Section Blue" 2008
"Bodyminding" 2010
"Wasteland Manifesto" 2012
"Supercluster" 2015


DE Erfurt
Formalin + Stoppenberg + Any Second + Neoklin - Verschoben / Postponed!!! @ Club From Hell
Leider musste das Konzert aus gut bekannten Gründen verschoben werden. Sobald ein neuer Termin feststeht, informieren wir euch an dieser Stelle.

Due to well known reasons this show has been postponed. Once a new date is set, we will inform you here.
19:00 o'clock