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Lakeside X

Lakeside X are alternative independent pop/rock band based in Prague, Czech Republic.
An inspiration for their sound can be found in realms of classical synth-pop (like Depeche
Mode) as well as modern electronic music (Royksopp) or even alternative guitar british
rock (like Placebo).
Their tracks combine both melancholy and energy, synth-based sound with guitars. Together
with the crispy voice of frontman and composer Janne Marvannen, it all creates a
unique and original character of their music. The lyrics are not simple and deal with the reflections
of loneliness, sadness, inner searching, love, lust, light and darkness of the inner
Over their history the band has released four albums and established themselves on the
electronic scene. Fans of the band may be found all across the world, from their home
Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, UK, Russia, USA, to even countries like Argentina.
After 10 years hiatus the band got together in 2020, and started working on new songs
with producer Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, Covenant). First single outcoming from the
cooperation with Daniel Myer, called "Fire In The Sky" was released in December 2021,
accompanied with a lyric video made out of the drone footage from the Canadian wilderness.
Second single, "Rising" was released in February 2022, with video shot at the empty
streets of Berlin. Third single, "Lifeline" was released in June 2022 and fourth, final single
"Time Has Come" with video from Prague's river embankment, was released in October
2022, shortly before the album release. The album itself, titled "Love Disappears" was released
on October 21, 2022 and the band played a special show - release party to promote
the album release in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar, together with the guest vocalist
Emese Arvai-Illes and Daniel Myer and his projects Architect and DSTR.
Since album release and further in 2023 the band have been touring diligently. The list of
gigs include supporting a darkpop legend And One or a German act Forced To Mode, as
well as performance on NCN festival in Leipzig or Schwarze Ball in Zurich (alongside Front
242 or Suicide Commando). The fifth single, "Fascination" is accompanied by a video
showing the band's current concert appearance, with guitarist Jakub Zachoval added into
the lineup.
In 2023, the band reached another big milestone - their great role model, the legendary
band Depeche Mode, chose them as the support act for their Prague concert on 30 July

Line up:
Janne Marvannen: vocals
Robert Broj: keyboard
Igor Dvorsky: drums
Jakub Zachoval: guitar

"Sunrise" 2005
"EXIT: NOWhere" 2007
"City Of Red Lights" 2010
"Wonder EP" 2012
"Love Disappears" 2022