KiEw - experimental electro industrial from Lüneburg.
What happens if you put an entire table full of e ff ects, controller, mixer, synths and
grooveboxes between a bass and a guitar? Then certainly KiEw from Lüneburg will enter the stage and light a firework of danceable sound between dadaistic electro-punk, rhythm'n'noise and breakbeat loaded industrial- techno. Since more than 30 years KiEw are playing on the stages worldwide, but this does make them in no manner less interesting or worth seeing as neither they haven't lost their energy and rawness nor have
they conformed their sound with common clichés or trend- specific ideas. When they will play on your stage, they will once again present their unique self-reliance: It will become loud, rhythmical and danceable!

Line up:
Andreas "Thedi" Thedens
Matthias Kulcke
Stephan Thiemicke

"Sauberkeit EP" 1997
"kiew killz!" 1998
"Aas, 500m" 1999
"Feierabend EP" 2000
"Divergent" 2001
"Diskette EP" 2003
"Festplatte" 2004
"Audiotherapy" 2004
"Exit #72" 2005
"Visite" 2006
"Mental [Per]mutation" 2010
"Precinct" 2017
"Live @ Sülzival 2020" 2020
Kiew Dates
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