Founded on 29 December 1990 KiEw is an experimental industrial-electro project from Lüneburg.
Insanity is coming for a long stay.
Welcome to the maximum security section at KiEw's parallel universe, one of the leading institutes in electro-acoustic psychotherapy!
Fresh psycho-acoustic excerpts of our patients files, unusual therapy forms and multiple monolouges with a number of personalities are awaiting you at the forthcoming group therapy sessions at your personal club asylums and here or on social media!

On 06 February 2021 KiEw will celebrate their 30th anniversary at Hafenklang Hamburg.

Line up:
Andreas "Thedi" Thedens
Matthias Kulcke
Stephan Thiemicke

"Kiew Killz!" 1998
"Divergent" 2001
"Audiotherapy" 2004
"Exit #72" 2005
"Visite" 2006
"Mental [Per]mutation" 2010
"Live @ Sülzival 2020" 2020